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Updated August 2022

Whissendine Neighbourhood Plan Steering group – August 22 News update 

The first draft of the Neighbourhood plan and is almost ready to submit to RCC for comment and discussion before a final version is submitted for consideration and discussion to finalise. The draft neighbourhood plan will be an agenda item to be discussed with the Parish council in early September, prior to submission. This will be followed the Regulation 14 – 6 week consultation period and that  could then give the Parish some legal weight should any other speculative development proposals be submitted to RCC. Few of the utility and infrastructure organisations responded to our requests to find out their plans for Whissendine over the next 15-20 years, with the exception except for Severn Trent’s initial response confirming …no interests in Whissendine, and assets transferred to Anglian Water. 

March 2022

During this month the steering group has received a draft copy of the Housing Needs Analysis (HNA) from AECOM which is an evidence based report on the potential housing need for Whissendine. The Neighbourhood steering group has started to review and comment before the report is included in the final neighbourhood plan.

It is anticipated that the draft Design codes report will be received from the Giuseppe Verdone, Principal Urban Designer, Urban Advisory at AECOM.

February 2022

The comprehensive Whissendine Parish Community Survey was completed at the end of November 2021. From the returned hard copies and the online responses we had just over 22% of the parish responses, although in Market research terms this is seen as a good responses, 78% chose not to take part, for what ever reasons. The results are in and have been analysed. The answers show that there are varied views and opinions that will not a be a surprise to most of the village, but it does provide much needed evidence for the Whissendine Neighbourhood Plan, especially with the withdrawal of the Rutland Local plan and the collapse of the proposed market village on St Georges Barracks sight, which will possible involve some speculative developments across the county, including Whissendine.

Rutland county Council have recently called for land to be put forward for possible development, it is expected that the same sites will be put forward, even though some are unsuitable.

In the January 2022 Whissendine Steering group recently voted and recommended to the parish council that the Planned Limit of Development (PLD) remains the same as the previous Local Plan. The PLD if adopted by the parish and RCC will still allow for small pockets of development.

Kerry Parr from AECOM has been given you a rough idea of the type and mix of housing required to start the Housing Needs Analysis that will form a major part of the Neighbourhood plan and should be completed by the end of March 2022.

Our consultants from Urban Vision are moving on with the policy documents that will be included in the Plan, they are:

Housing, Heritage, Whissendine windmill, Design, Community facilities, Employment, Transport and Surface water.

Lastly we have a visit by Giuseppe Verdone in mid February, who is the Principal Urban Designer, for AECOM who will assist in preparing the design codes for the Neighbour Plan

Next meeting of the Whissendine Neighbourhood Plan Steering committee takes place on Tuesday 22nd February 2022 starting at 19:00 hrs at the village hall.

September 2021

Listen to Hannah the Planner explain what a Neighbourhood plan is and the advantages of have a plan for Whissendine. and secondly what are the opportunities and risks of not having a Neighbourhood plan now that Rutland County council have withdrawn their Local plan on the link below.

  • Wed 6th October 21 between 5.30-7.30pm members of the Steering group will be in the White Lion for a Planning and a Pint/Drink. Share your views with the Steering Group and receive a Pint or Drink (Age appropriate of course!)
  • Tuesday 12th Oct at 5.30-7.30pm for Planning and a pint/drink @ the White Lion. Put it in your diary’s !
  • Public Meeting in the village Hall – “What’s it all about?” – All you need to know about the Neighbourhood Plan with Hannah the Planner; Coming soon October 2021
  • Walk it and Talk it – Village tour visiting green spaces and important local amenities.
  • Coming soon -Comprehensive village household survey in November 2021